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STB TV-channel


STB is one of the most successful Eastern European TV channels and the home of popular shows like X Factor, The Cube and MasterChef. The owner of the 50+ web properties, STB was growing fast, but did not have the scalable infrastructure to manage the web traffic. The content team was frustrated by non-uniform site management and poor performance of the existing solution. The team struggled to complete updates on time. As a result, the executive team was facing a number of problems like reduced time on the site, declining number of returned customers, loss of advertising revenue and reputation damages.


Eggmen Group proposed to deliver a unified CMS platform capable of consolidating all existing and future properties hosted on a High Availability multi-datacenter cluster to address the current issues and provide a solid foundation for the future growth. Eggmen Group LLC proposed to implement a fully managed solution providing all the hardware/software maintenance that would dramatically reduce the client operating cost, while improving the quality of content delivery.


Eggmen Group LLC consolidated all the properties into a single destination content management system with integrated video delivery to all mobile platforms.
Eggmen Group LLC automatically integrated existing content into the new system, providing significant time savings for the client during the migration process.
Eggmen Group LLC designed and deployed a high availability, cost effective infrastructure solution to optimize performance of content management teams as well as improve the end user experience.


A high availability scalable platform equipped STB to scale to 2000% of original traffic. Significant increase in all measurable metrics including time on site, responsiveness, number of user referrals surge the advertising revenues and conversion rates. Reducing capital and operating expenditures empowered the executive team to focus on innovation and future business planning.

Why Eggmen Group LLC was a good fit for the project?

Highly qualified software developers and system engineers experienced in building media focused application, management experienced in agile methodologies, ability to provide resources on demand for new projects on tight schedules, work ethic and Eggmen Group LLC culture made us a trusted partner to our client.
STB TV-channel