Eggmen Group


We are proud to offer an online storage service geared toward large scale file storage. Media archives, enterprise offsite backups and other large scale storage needs.

The storage is backed by geographically distributed redundant (3N) resilient storage cluster providing optimal combination of performance/redundancy/flexibility and cost. Your data is replicated across 3 datacenters with at least one copy on a different continent.


Unlike traditional cloud offering we will tailor the solution to your needs to optimally match your requirements. You can choose preferred protocol be it webDav, FTP, SMB, NFS etc. VPN type etc.

Flat Pricing
100TB 2900
200TB 4700
300TB 7550
400TB 9550

No variable fees/ transfer fees/ IOPS fees a simple flat price for easy no-nonsense budgeting

Eggmen EGDS (Enterprise Geogrphically Distributed Storage Service)