Eggmen Group

Web Application Development

A fully functional, tested, secure and stable application is the desired result of any web application development task. It is crucial to lay out a proper foundation that allows your web applications to scale easily and perform properly. We believe in smart and open application architectures that ensures high solution productivity and scalability.

What do we bring to the table?

  • scalable and responsive web application for high load environments
    Let us consistently implement the promise of delivering scalable responsive web application
  • strong experience working with cloud based (AWS, Rackspace) and mixed deployments
    Let us help you to select the optimal environment for your deployment that will meet your current and future needs
  • application design and build that is optimized for high availability multi datacenter deployments
    This allows deploying the app in a way that will withstand test of worst possible disasters while remaining online and fully operational.
  • 12 years of experience in building mediacentric application for TV channels and online broadcasting
    Building on our experience we are able to create tailored future proof solutions for mediacentric web applications.
  • strong focus on lowering TCO by utilizing tested mix of OpenSource & Commercial technologies
    Optimal selection of core technologies.